Introducing Inner Fire Heath & Well-Being Coaching 

We are honored to partner with Inner Fire Health & Well-Being Coaching to provide clients with compassionate and personalized expertise on the journey to wellness.

Have you ever wanted a trustworthy guide on your health and wellness journey? A health coach can offer dynamic support to help you achieve your health and well-being goals.

Health coaches specialize in behavior change. They offer a safe space for you to share your journey and to help you move through obstacles that may keep you from achieving your goals. Health coaches ask questions to deepen your understanding of your experience, help clarify values, identify limiting beliefs, set goals and most importantly customize your coaching session to meet your needs.

Each session begins with a grounding exercise—a way to reduce stress and allow you to be fully present in the session. Then the session becomes a conversation that is dictated by you. You choose what you would like to focus on, and the coach guides you along the path of discovery. The session concludes with you identifying “takeaways” from the session. Takeaways may be in the form of actions toward health and wellness, awareness of strengths or obstacles and insights on your journey that arise during your time with the health coach. Transformation can occur with compassionate support.